Personalized outdoor lighting,
controlled by smartphone

Personalized outdoor lighting,
controlled by smartphone

At Aurora Sky Lighting, we offer advanced, customizable, and permanent LED outdoor lighting. Choose us to create the perfect lighting solution for your outdoor space. 

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gemstone Lights


Individual Waterproof connectors

LED 50,000 RUNning Hours

low profile look

easy app usage

Countless Patterns

Multiple Timers

Dimmable Lights

16 million colors

warm white

Home Safety

Unlimited Patterns & animations

Warm White LED

When considering brightening up your home or business exterior with white LED lights, it’s important to keep in mind that there are different tones of white to choose from. While cool white lighting can provide a bright and crisp glow in certain areas, warm white lighting can create a more gentle and inviting ambiance that enhances the architectural features of your exterior. This is because cool white lighting has bluish undertones, while warm white lighting has reddish undertones. If you prefer the more relaxed and subdued atmosphere that warm white lighting offers, you’ll be pleased to know that the Gemstone HUB app includes easy ways to access warm white lighting options.

Gemstone Lights Hub APP

About Us

Locals of our great city Nashville, have come to rely on Aurora Sky Lightning, a locally based business, for all of their permanent LED outdoor lighting needs. Our commitment to providing excellent service and superior quality products at competitive prices has enabled us to become the go-to place for customers looking for an amazing product to enhance the quality and look of their home.
At Aurora Sky, our staff takes pride in providing exceptional customer service, from helpful advice to speedy turnaround. We make sure that every customer leaves with a smile, and our satisfaction guarantee is the key to our success.

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